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Two New, Must-Have Tools for Tracking Corporate Event Data

Posted by Kat Ryan on Jan 11, 2018 11:04:54 AM

Looking for accurate, comprehensive event data to stay on top of volatility? Wall Street Horizon has the unique tools and the research to support the importance of corporate events relative to volatility.

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Why Investors and Traders Need to Track PDUFA Dates

Posted by Kat Ryan on Jan 9, 2018 12:02:16 PM

With the strong comeback of the biotech sector in 2017, now is as good a time as any to consider the corporate event data that can affect volatility. Although event data can range from FDA drug approval dates and FDA Advisory Committee meetings to investor conferences and analyst days, in this post, I’d like to focus on FDA drug approval dates.

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How Is Wall Street Horizon Better? Uncensored Opinions from our Undisclosed Clients

Posted by Barry Star on Oct 24, 2017 9:07:54 AM

In nearly every meeting I have with prospects, they ask the same question: 

“How is Wall Street Horizon’s corporate events data better than what we get with our ‘big box’ data terminal?”

Rather than hear from me, answers straight from our clients are far more impactful. After all, they’re the ones paying to use our data every day to inform their models, sharpen their strategies, and to gain an edge that helps them make money or avoid losing it.

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Corporate ‘Body Language’ and How to Capitalize on It

Posted by Barry Star on Oct 9, 2017 10:56:40 AM

Also published in Traders Magazine

We all know what body language is. The classic book Body Language by Julius Fast popularized the topic in 1970 and it has since sold over three million copies.

We all use non-verbal forms of communication with our posture, gestures and facial expressions. Sometimes it’s used consciously and purposefully, such as when a detective interrogates a suspect.  But most often, it’s done subconsciously, like when a hiring manager is assessing a job candidate.

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2017 Corporate Event Research Survey Results

Posted by Kat Ryan on Sep 11, 2017 4:50:56 PM

Download Survey Results

Conducted in August 2017, the survey polled over 100 institutional market participants, nearly two-thirds of whom were quantitative or discretionary fund managers.  Download the full report of the results which reinforce that corporate events and tracking their movement is critical to trading.  Below are some key findings:

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Great Data – The Antidote to Speed and Volatility Stress

Posted by Barry L. Star on May 3, 2017 12:14:33 PM

Automated traders are in an elite club. Every day, they walk a high-stakes tightrope between the potential for big gains and big losses.  Whether you’re a market maker, volatility trader, or systematic trader, every day is like a poker tournament held at microsecond speeds.  

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WSH Corporate Event Research 2016 Highlights

Posted by Kat Ryan on Feb 7, 2017 10:06:08 AM

For 14 years, Wall Street Horizon has focused on providing accurate corporate event data – because we know that corporate events impact volatility.  For example, recent independent academic studies have demonstrated that changes in earnings announcement dates can affect alpha. 

Highlights of 2016 Wall Street Horizon research include:

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IROs Widen What's on Their Radar with Corporate Event Intelligence

Posted by Bruce Fador on Feb 1, 2017 10:07:44 AM

An IRO’s job is to provide bi-directional visibility. They give their management teams visibility into what the financial community thinks about how their companies are being run both individually and as compared to others in their sectors. Ultimately it is those perceptions that affect their stock prices. Conversely, the IRO has groups to service – shareholders, analysts and other financial constituents – for whom they provide visibility into their companies’ strategies, operations and performance.

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Alcoa Actually Isn’t First

Posted by Joe Ranieri on Oct 3, 2016 11:41:23 AM

Here at Wall Street Horizon, tracking corporate events is our business, so as you’d expect, we watch these things very closely.

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Great model? Stellar analytics? Not if your data's subpar.

Posted by Barry L. Star on Sep 20, 2016 2:08:58 PM

Solid Buildings Require Strong Foundations

It seems like every software vendor is in the analytics business these days.  This is especially true in the financial services space. Whether you're a quant, algo, hedge firm, prop trader, traditional asset manager, RIA, FA, or whatever, some vendor has a slick analytics app just for you.
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